Taking a bite out of a coconut-filled Bounty chocolate bar instantly makes one feel like they are in tropical places.
Therefore, it can safely be called a piece of paradise on earth. The coconut filling is obviously reminiscent of a tropical island full of coconut trees and a Bounty is therefore the perfect snack to unwind and purely enjoy. Not for nothing does this filled chocolate bar find eager demand in the Benelux.

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Bounty bars

Bounty was introduced by Mars Company in the 1950s. Incidentally, this tropical chocolate bar does not use palm oil but cocoa butter.

This candy bar is a coconut-filled chocolate bar. This tropical surprise is packed per two bars and therefore this chocolate bar is also great for sharing with others. But above all, this candy bar is suitable for taking a moment for yourself to enjoy it.

Types of chocolate bars

There are two types of chocolate candy bars on the market: Bounty Milk (in the blue wrapper) which is coated in milk chocolate and Bounty Dark (in the red wrapper) which is again coated in dark chocolate.

In addition, several variants of this chocolate bar have been made such as Bounty ice cream and for the real fans of the coconut-filled chocolate bar, Bounty Drink is now available.

Other candy bars from Mars

Besides this tropical surprise, you can also get Mars Company's other candy bars such as Mars, Twix, Snickers, M&Ms, Milky Way and Maltesers at

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