Hero has been a household name in fruit products in the Netherlands for more than 100 years. Hero's products
prove this company's passion for fruit. Besides Hero's well-known jams and desserts, the originally Swiss company also makes fruit drinks and fruit juices.

Frisdrank.com is the expert in Hero fruit juices. Thanks to our smart European purchasing system, we are able to buy Hero fruit juices very cheaply.

Moreover, we always deliver from our stock so your order arrives very quickly. You can blindly trust this. That's why more and more wholesalers and distributors are buying Hero fruit juices via Frisdrank.com.

Fruit juice from Hero

More than 50 varieties of Hero products are now available. Jams for on bread, sweets for dessert and, of course, fruit juices for drinking. Hero distinguishes itself with high-quality ingredients such as real fruit.

The knowledge and experience around fruit is unprecedented to make especially healthy drinks. Thus, most of Hero's drinks consist of 100% fruit. Only the tastiest fruits are selected to make the tastiest juice. This makes it a drink that fits perfectly with the desire for healthier living.

Moreover, Hero's fruit is full of flavour. You will notice this immediately when you drink it. After all, the taste is as pure as possible.

Hero fruit juice flavours

Hero makes the most delicious juice from different fruits. The company is particularly known for its delicious apple and orange juices. Hero also makes fruit juice from red grapes, among others.

Besides fruit juice, Hero makes delicious vegetable juices, such as tomato juice. This juice consists of juicy tomatoes and a pinch of salt. The tomatoes are carefully selected so you only drink tomato juice that is full of flavour.

Hero also prefers to keep vegetable juices as pure and natural as possible. Yet Hero also develops new flavours such as spicy tomato juice with extra herbs and spices. Extremely suitable for people who want just that little bit more flavour.

Buying Hero cheaply

Thanks to Frisdrank.com's smart purchasing system, we are able to buy Hero fruit juices very cheaply. This way, you keep an excellent margin that allows you to make attractive offers.

This allows you to attract more traffic to your location, both existing and new customers. Moreover, we also keep all Hero products in stock in large numbers so you don't have to worry about quick deliveries. You can rely on the innovative Frisdrank.com logistics system.

Thinking about developments

Frisdrank.com likes to think along with you about trends and developments. Thanks to our intensive contacts, we are often the first to be informed about new opportunities. Not only when it comes to new Hero flavours, but also for other fruit juices and drinks.

This allows us to respond even faster and more specifically to new opportunities in the market. So that you can continue to surprise your customers with new products. This way, your customers know
even better where to find you when they are looking to expand their range. Frisdrank.com would therefore like to be your number one partner in the field of drinks.

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