Celebrate every moment with POMS. POMS is a surprising soft drink with a delicious apple flavour. The festive flavour
of this soft drink makes every sip of POMS a sparkling moment. This soft drink originates from Morocco. In that
country, this apple soft drink is very popular and it also brings other target groups into almost tropical atmospheres.

Therefore, this soft drink should not be missing from your range. Frisdrank.com is one of the first distributors to
introduce the Moroccan soft drink POMS in the Netherlands. More and more wholesalers and shops are including this sparkling drink in their assortment. And not without reason of course as there is increasing demand for POMS from consumers.

Frisdrank.com is a leading soft drinks distributor and supplies all drinks such as POMS quickly and economically. By buying smart and in bulk, we can negotiate very low purchase prices. The discounts we get, we give to you so that you have a more than interesting margin. In addition, we deliver quickly from stock so that you always receive what you need at very short notice. We seamlessly link our services to your logistics operation so that we support you

A brand of Coca Cola Company

POMS has also proved a great success internationally, Coca Cola has made sure of that. This American soft drinks giant has allowed POMS to grow considerably internationally. The Moroccan soft drink is now available in dozens of countries, including the Netherlands.

Not only people of Moroccan descent or origin are very interested in this soft drink. Other target groups also taste the surprising fresh flavour of this sparkling canned apple drink. That is why the soft drink brand is also growing rapidly in the Netherlands. Not for nothing is it a soft drink available in more and more shops.

Delicious apple flavour

POMS has a fresh apple flavour and a can of POMS contains sparkling water, sugar, apple juice from concentrate, citric acid and sweeteners. So it is nice and fresh and sweet. The effervescent character immediately puts you in the right mood when you take a sip.

This soft drink from Morocco therefore goes well with any occasion. Whether someone is out with friends or when someone is ready for a moment to themselves. A great thirst-quencher after physical activities or delicious on a terrace. There is always a moment for POMS.

Affordable POMS offers

Softdrinks.com is the place where you can buy POMS cheaply. This way, you can be sure of a favourable price and have the space to make interesting POMS offers. In addition, you will have something new to offer your customers and, in addition, you will also attract new target groups to your location this way. This also allows you to grow further in your segment.

We are happy to think with you

Frisdrank.com likes to think along with you. We know the soft drinks market like no other and know what developments and opportunities there are through our intensive contacts with the major players in the market. We are happy to advise you on all trends and developments so that you are the first to know and can immediately seize the opportunities that are there for the taking.

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