Mentos is a typically Dutch brand of candy and is now part of the international candy group Perfetti Van Melle (known
from Chupa Chups, Fruittella and Klene liquorice, among others). The combination of a soft fresh inside with a
crunchy outside layer, packed in a handy roll with 14 sweets, makes Mentos highly sought-after candy, not only in the Netherlands but all over the world. sells snacks such as crisps and sweets in addition to soft drinks and other beverages, and Mentos is
therefore not to be missed in its range. We are a proud distributor of this Dutch candy brand and sell it to many
customers in different countries.

Our refreshing approach is reflected in our innovative international network where we source products daily where they are currently the cheapest. In this way, we are able to offer you very competitive buying prices combined with our economies of scale every time. We are praised not only for our low prices, but also for our proactive customer service and very fast deliveries from our warehouse in the Netherlands.

Old Dutch Mentos

Today, Mentos is a strong international brand but its roots are really in the Netherlands. The van Melle family of bakers from Zeeland was behind this innovative confectionery. The van Melle brothers found a soft fruit caramel in Poland, which eventually formed the basis of the famous Fruittella. But they also thought of turning it into a peppermint variant and so the first Mentos sweet was made in 1932.

It was safe to call it a breakthrough to offer the sweets in roll packaging. It was ideal for on-the-go use and helped accelerate the growth of the brand. In 2001, the sweet brand really blossomed, especially internationally, by entering into a partnership with Italian sweet manufacturer Perfetti.

Mentos flavours

Today, Mentos is best known for the many types of gum it offers. Its well-known gum jars contain various refreshing flavours such as Cool Mint, Green Mint and Pure Fresh Cherry.

But candy rolls are also still true classics. These rolls contain small, flat balls of candy with a coated exterior and a soft interior. The rolls contain 11 or 14 sweets. Mentos Mint and Mentos Fruit are of course the most well-known candy rolls, but Rainbow, Choco & Caramel and Licorice flavours are also very popular.

Candy bags

Mentos also has different candy bags with 100 candies of your favourite candy such as Mint, Fruit, Mini Fruit or Peppermint balls. Perfect for handing out or for during parties. These candy bags are also perfect for refilling your candy jar at home or at the office.

Buy Mentos cheaply is a fast-growing distributor of (soft) drinks and snacks. With Mentos, we have enriched our range of sweets with a typically Dutch brand. This way, we can really offer you everything around drinks and snacks.

We are very well introduced through our wide network with the biggest players in the market. Therefore, we are the first to hear about new developments and we are happy to pass this knowledge on to you so that you can respond quickly to trends.

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