The Dutch are avid coffee drinkers. According to recent research, the Netherlands is even among the top five countries where most coffee is drunk. Not for nothing are there many different types and brands available on the market. This way, there is something for everyone.

On average, a Dutch person drinks more than four cups a day. Then, of course, it is important that it also tastes great. The days of bad automatic coffee are slowly behind us. After all, there is so much quality coffee available that we no longer have to make concessions. Moreover, real quality has also become affordable.

Soft drinks.com is also a distinguished coffee wholesaler with the best quality you can get. In our range, you will find various types and brands. With us, you buy easily and inexpensively. Thanks to our innovative way of purchasing and distributing, you can always rely on low prices and lightning-fast delivery.

Black coffee

Even though there are all kinds of varieties such as cappuccino and latte macchiato, black coffee remains the most consumed variety. Almost half of coffee drinkers stick to black coffee because of its pure taste and, of course, the uplifting effect of caffeine.

A person who drinks black coffee is much better able to detect the nuance of flavour. Over a hundred different coffee plants exist around the world. Yet only two are used for the coffee trade: Arabica and Robusta. Each plant has its own flavour, which is also fairly easy to recognise.


Arabica has a predominantly mild flavour. The Arabica plant originates from Ethiopia but was soon planted in several
Arab countries. Arabica plants grow best at an altitude of at least 800 metres. The higher the plant, the better the quality of the coffee. This does make cultivation more complex.


Robusta, on the other hand, has a more powerful flavour. The Robusta plant is also native to Africa, just a bit further south around the equator. Robusta contains about 50 per cent more caffeine than Arabica coffee. These plants grow a lot easier at lower altitudes. That is why Robusta coffee is generally a lot cheaper than Arabica coffee.

Origin of coffee

Coffee has long since ceased to be produced only in Africa. Mass production has been taken over by South America and Asia. Brazil, meanwhile, is the world's biggest producer, but much is also produced in countries such as Colombia, Peru, India, Vietnam and Indonesia, for example.

Of course, the origin of the coffee also affects its taste. The true connoisseur really tastes the difference in flavour between different countries.

Coffee wholesale

Frisdrank.com is not only a distributor of soft drinks and energy drinks, but also of coffee. Think of quality coffee brands such as Lavazza and Segafredo. Through our smart way of sourcing and distribution, we offer not only Abrands but also interesting emerging brands. And at very attractive prices.

We deliver directly and at lightning speed from our stock so that you will receive your order within a day. Moreover, our customer service ensures that our logistics fit seamlessly into your operation.

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