Corona is an exclusive beer brand that you must have in your range. The mild flavour of this lager makes this Mexican beer brand very accessible, even among target groups that drink beer less frequently. The mild flavour combined with the presentation with a slice of lemon makes this Mexican beer brand the premium brand among beers for good reason.

With Corona, drinking beer becomes a lot more relaxed and after a sip you imagine yourself on a tropical island off
the Mexican coast. The freshness of this beer makes it a good thirst quencher and it also drinks easily from the
beautifully designed bottle.

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Mexican bearing

Corona is a lager beer brewed by Mexican brewer Cervecería Modelo. This brewer has been owned by Belgium's AB InBev (known for Jupiler, Leffe but also Budweiser, among others) since 2013.


The first Corona beer was brewed in 1925. The beer brand soon considered using dark bottles to better preserve flavour. However, it was a wise decision not to do so because the transparent bottle is an important part of today's image.

Even though Corona is Mexican, it is actually of German origin. Indeed, many German immigrants lived in Mexico at the time and they were also behind this beer.

Corona Extra beer

Corona is a light and mild beer which is very drinkable, making it the perfect thirst quencher on a hot day. Ideally, a Corona should be served with a slice of lime in the neck of the bottle. This way, the freshness of the beer is much more pronounced.

Not for nothing is this Mexican beer one of the best-selling beer brands around the world. In the United States, Corona Extra itself has been the most imported beer brand year after year since 1998.

Different formats

Corona is one of the few beer brands that offers its beer in different bottle sizes. For instance, the beer is available in bottles ranging from 200 ml (ampolleta aptly named Coronita) to 940 ml (Familiar). However, the most common variant is the regular 330ml bottle (Corona Extra).

Corona Light

In 1989, the Mexican brewery introduced Corona Light and not without success. It is still one of the bestsellers today.

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