Dr. Foots


Dr Foots is a fresh enhancement to your range. Known for its unique flavour profile, this Dutch soft drink combines
traditional Dutch flavours with a hint of American 'root beer' for an unforgettable experience. This quirky, adventurous brand should therefore not be missing from your range.

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Real Dutch soft drink

Dr Foots is a Dutch soft drink brand that originated as a creative idea to develop a unique, distinctive flavour in the soft drink market. This Dutch soft drink was inspired by traditional Dutch flavours with a nod to classic American root beer.

Dr Foots' mission is to create a soft drink that is unique in terms of taste, presentation and brand perception. This soft drink brand wanted to brew a drink that evokes nostalgia in adults and curiosity in youngsters. The name 'Dr Foots' is a playful reference to the traditional root beers that are very popular in the United States.

Quirky brand

Over the years, Dr Foots has positioned itself as a quirky and adventurous brand. It is therefore very popular among people looking for something different from standard soft drinks. Not for nothing is the brand growing at lightning speed in the Netherlands and abroad.

Dr Foots drinks are characterised by their rich, deep colour and combination of sweetness with a slightly spicy aftertaste. It contains a blend of spices and fruit extracts, creating the unique, refreshing taste.

The Dutch soft drinks brand does not only focus on brewing special drinks. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are also high on the brand's agenda. Dr Foots only applies ecologically sound packaging and supports local communities and environmental projects.

Dr Foots flavours

Dr Foots offers two attractive variants in 33cl cans. First is the classic Dr Foots which is a true taste sensation with its rich, spicy and fruity flavour profile. For those who want to experience the same unique taste but without sugar, Dr Foots Zero is the perfect choice. This variant retains the distinctive taste of Dr Foots but in a low-calorie form. Both variants offer a unique taste experience, making them the perfect choice for soft drink lovers looking for something different from the usual flavours.

Buy Dr Foots cheaply

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