The Dutch are drinking more and more mineral water. This leaves room for new water brands as one water is not the
other. Therefore, it is smart to provide thirsty customers with refreshing choices. That means offering water not just the well-known brands, but also emerging brands and niche brands.

Erikli water from Turkey has proven itself by offering unique taste and quality for over 60 years. With this water brand, you can stand out by offering something new and refreshing to your discerning target group.

Frisdrank.com has built an excellent reputation in a relatively short time as the partner for both established A-brands and promising newcomers such as Erikli natural spring water. We like to think outside the box and are therefore able to offer a unique range, and at very attractive prices. Therefore, discover the power of cooperation with Frisdrank.com.

Natural mineral water

Erikli is an extremely renowned mineral water brand originating from Turkey. The water brand enjoys its fame because of the clear water that springs from the natural spring in the Uludag Mountains. This water source is located in northwestern Turkey, at an altitude of no less than 2,300 metres. The remarkable purity of this mineral water has made it a favourite choice among Turks.

Erikli's natural water is extracted from its pure source and undergoes the bottling process without any addition of chemicals. Because of its purity and abundance of natural minerals in mineral water, it is often preferred to ordinary tap water. Erikli therefore not only has a strong presence within Turkey, but also enjoys increasing international acclaim.

Focused on sustainability

For more than 60 years, Erikli has maintained the same unique flavour and quality. The water source is located in the midst of nature, far away from civilisation. Not surprisingly, the water derives its characteristic taste from the biodiversity specific to this region. The natural spring water bottled by Erikli comes from a single source, so its flavour remains unaffected.

To protect the natural environment, Erikli has launched the 'We Must Protect' initiative with the aim of preserving Uludağ's natural heritage and biodiversity. Under the supervision of Bursa University, field studies are regularly carried out to identify and protect the biodiversity in Uludağ.

Practical packaging

Erikli water is available in a variety of practical containers. The most popular containers are those of 0.5 and 1.5 litres. The 500ml bottles are especially handy on the go to quench acute thirst. On the other hand, the 1.5-litre bottles are mainly used for meals. The ergonomic design makes these bottles easy to keep in the fridge and they do not look out of place on the table.

Buy Erikli water cheaply

Frisdrank.com is the place to go for all your questions around soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, water and much more. Whatever you need, we can supply it. Moreover, because of our unique way of working, we source all our drinks, such as water from Erikli, where they are cheapest. In this way, we can always offer a very attractive price. So rely on our expertise.

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