Candy Can

Candy Can

Candy Can Bubble Gum

candy can bubblegum

Candy Can Cotton Candy

candy can cotton candy

Candy Can Marhsmallow

candy can marshmallow


For those in the mood for sweets, Candy Can offers a solution. Candy Can has some delicious drinks that taste like candyfloss, chewing gum or bacon. So even the avid candy lover has a delicious drink at his or her disposal, and sugarfree too!

Candy Can is made from sparkling water so it sparkles nicely. Therefore, you actually never have to eat candy again because you can just drink it. is the party for new drinks such as Candy Can. We constantly look at trends in other countries to
determine whether this can also catch on in the Netherlands and Belgium. We like to surprise our customers again and again with new products so you can surprise your customers too.

We are also able to buy products at very low prices and we are happy to pass this advantage on to you so that you can
be sure of interesting margins. also delivers directly from stock so that we can deliver at lightning speed, giving you much less worries about your purchasing and you can rely on our logistics.

Sweet flavours from Candy Can

Candy Can currently offers three sweet flavours, such as Candy Can Cotton Candy which tastes like candyfloss making you immediately feel like you are at a carnival.

Candy Can Bubble Gum, on the other hand, tastes like gum again. Your favourite gum flavour in a can, who wouldn't want this? Finally, Candy Can Marsh Mallow tastes like bacon bits. You can of course roast marsh mallows on a campfire, but you can also drink it deliciously with Candy Can!

Sparkling water

It is immediately noticeable at the first sip: the sparkling water: it fizzes like no other drink fizzes which immediately creates a hugely festive sensation. If someone opens a can of Candy Can, it immediately guarantees a smile will appear on their face.

Zero calories

Sweetness is usually associated with lots of sugar. Fortunately, this is not always necessary because Candy Can has managed to create a sensational taste, and that without the addition of sugar. This way, a person can drink as many cans of Candy Can as he or she likes without worrying about the calories (or teeth!). Although drinking in moderation is still recommended.

Buy Candy Can cheaply

Soft is a party with a very extensive international network. Thanks to our knowledge of the market and intense contacts with the most important players in the soft drinks market, we are the first to know about new developments. We are happy to share our knowledge of the market with you, so that you can seize the opportunities that are there for the taking.

For instance, we are happy to help you expand your range to make it even more attractive to your customers. After all, stunting with low prices is not the only tool to attract new customers to your location. If your range is interesting enough, customers will come naturally.

You can rest assured that our prices are always very low, because we pass on the benefits we gain from our smart purchasing. Moreover, we deliver quickly from stock so that you never run out of stock.

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