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Oasis is a delicious, non-fizzy fruit soft drink based on spring water and fruit juice. It contains no preservatives,
artificial colours or flavours, giving it a delicious natural flavour. A fruit drink that is eagerly consumed by young and younger so.

The success of this fruit drink is largely explained by the fact that it is non-carbonated. This is why younger children in particular like it. In addition, the flavour is very natural and refreshing, making for a true taste explosion.

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Non-carbonated soft drinks

Oasis is a non-carbonated soft drink that saw the light of day in France in 1966 (under the name Pulse at the time). This soft drink was developed by Volvic, but the brand has since become part of the international soft drinks group Orangina Schweppes.

Spicy fruit juice drink

Despite the relatively short existence of this fruit juice drink with sugar and sweeteners, it has already seen quite a few changes of guard. Under the Orangina Schweppes banner, there is much more emphasis on its refreshing nature: water, fruit and fun!

All Oasis recipes contain more than 90% fruit and spring water. Therefore, this fruit drink gives you zest every day, whether you are at home or at school, throwing a party or could use a boost every day. Oasis is therefore an oasis for everyone.

Oasis flavours

Oasis fruit drinks have many flavours such as Oasis Tropical and Oasis Strawberry Raspberry. All variants consist of 80% spring water. More than 10% concentrate-based fruit juice is added and the flavour is finished with a little sugar. Citric acid is used for acidity, ascorbic acid serves as an antioxidant, gum arabic is used as a stabiliser and paprika extract is added as a colouring agent.

Buy Oasis cheaply

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