Fuze Tea

Fuze tea


Fuze Tea is a popular iced tea brand and part of Coca Cola. This iced tea offers a unique combination of various natural ingredients including tea, fruit juice and herbal extracts.

Fuze Tea's quality tea comes only from a few specially selected plantations that are certified as contributing significantly to the local economy and not burdening the natural environment. Frisdrank.com has therefore also consciously chosen this iced tea brand.

Not least because more and more consumers are asking for Fuze Tea. Especially when it comes to conscious
consumers. You can buy Fuze Tea through Frisdrank.com cheaply and at lightning speed.

Low-calorie Fuze Tea

Fuze Tea is low-calorie because it is sweetened with a combination of beet sugar and Stevia. This is why Fuze Tea is, above all, a healthy choice. Ice tea is often chosen as an alternative to soft drinks.

Fuze Tea proves that something natural and healthy can also taste delicious. The tea used by Fuze Tea comes from Rainforest Alliance
Certified tea producers. This hallmark stands for nature conservation and good working conditions.

This protects people, animals and ecosystems. In addition, the plastic packaging is also made exclusively of 100% recycled plastic.
This way, our environment is also affected as little as possible. A good choice for everyone.

Fuze Tea flavours

Fuze Tea is available in several delicious flavour varieties. The flavours can be divided into 2 tea types: black tea and green tea. Around black tea, Fuze Tea offers, among others, the popular flavours Black Tea Peach Hibiscus, Black Tea Peach, Black Tea Lemon Lemongrass and Black Tea Sparkling.

All are delicious flavours with an intense tea taste. There are also the green tea flavours Green Tea, Green Tea Mango Chamomile, Green Tea Lime Mint and Green Tea Blueberry Jasmine. These are again a lot milder in flavour.

But each are surprising iced tea flavours that provide a refreshing moment.

Buying Fuze Tea

For your customers who are concerned about the environment and health, Fuze Tea should not be missing from your range. Therefore, you would be smart to add Fuze Tea to your range should you not already sell it.

For consumers who make conscious choices, Fuze Tea is an excellent choice. Offering Fuze Tea also shows your customers that you are responding to new trends and understand market demand. In this way, you also broaden your range with something special.

Economical and fast

Due to the purchasing power of Frisdrank.com, we can buy Fuze Tea smartly at low cost. You benefit from this as we pass this advantage on to you. In this way, you can offer Fuze Tea cheaply to your customers.

So you are offering something new at an advantageous price and an excellent margin. What more could you want? We like to think along
with you about trends and developments. About how you can serve your customer even better.

Thanks to our European network and intensive contacts with the most important players, we are well informed about trends and
developments. We are happy to share our knowledge with you. Frisdrank.com is therefore your number 1 partner in the field of soft drinks.

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