Baha Breeze

baha breeze

Baha Breeze Watermelon

Baha Breeze Watermelon

Baha Breeze Mango Pineapple

Baha Breeze Mango Pineapple


Relax, sit back and enjoy BAHA Breeze! This tropical drink is a happy fruit drink that will cheer you up in Caribbean
fashion. With the first sip, you immediately imagine yourself on the beach of a beautiful island, making it a perfect drink to take a moment for yourself.

The name BAHA Breeze might remind you of the immensely popular cocktail Bahama Breeze but nothing could be further from the truth. BAHA Breeze's fruit drinks are obviously alcohol-free and non-carbonated so they are great to drink. Moreover, BAHA Breeze is low in calories with only 19 kcal per 100ml. Therefore, it is also a very responsible choice therefore. is constantly looking for both established and emerging brands that make or will make a difference. This way, you have something special to offer your customers so that you surprise existing customers and attract new ones. And the prices are good too because we can buy very cheaply thanks to our innovative way of working. We pass on all the benefits to you so that you can be sure of a good margin.

Tropical flavours BAHA Breeze

BAHA Breeze is available in three delicious flavours, including BAHA Breeze Mango Pineapple, a nice surprising sweet and sour flavour explosion. With BAHA Breeze Tropical, you really feel like you are on a tropical island due to the different tropical fruits mixed in a genius way. Finally, BAHA Breeze Watermelon is a true thirst quencher but with a happy note.


BAHA Breeze is a real fruit drink as it does not contain carbonated water. So for young and old alike, this tropical surprise is highly recommended.

Low in calories

Per 100ml, there is only 4.5 grams of added sugar which equates to 19 kcal. This is only a fraction of many other fruit drinks and soft drinks, so this also makes BAHA Breeze a responsible choice.

This makes BAHA Breeze a great thirst quencher for hot days. And should you find yourself in a slump and could use a cheerful pick-me-up on a rainy day, BAHA Breeze is also a perfect solution to change your mood considerably.

BAHA Breeze bargain purchase is the party of choice for low-cost soda, fruit drinks and other beverages based on a rather diverse range. In addition to common beverage brands, has an extensive range of emerging brands that will make the difference in the coming period. This way, you really have something interesting to offer your customers.

Moreover, buys particularly smartly, which means we can always guarantee low prices. After all, our international network allows us to distribute drinks smarter. This benefits you as we give you these advantages. This interesting margin leaves you with even more money for attractive promotions.

We like to think with you how we can contribute to your growth. That is where our extensive knowledge of the market and our extensive network come in handy. We are happy to share our knowledge with you so that you can take advantage of new opportunities.

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