Fruit juices

Fruit juices are being consumed more and more. This is linked to the trend that people want to live healthier lives.
Therefore, soft drinks are often replaced by fruit juices. Think of brands such as Appelsientje, CoolBest and Innocent.

Generally, fruit juices contain no added sugars, making them an excellent fit for a healthy lifestyle. Frisdrank.com
recognises this trend like no other and offers a wide range.

Thanks to the great purchasing power of Frisdrank.com,
we can offer fruit juices at advantageous prices. We have all major brands in stock, enabling us to deliver at lightning
speed. As a result, you do not have to worry about purchasing drinks.

Large variety of fruit juices

Fruit juices, unlike fruit drinks, consist of 100% juice. Orange juice and apple juice are undoubtedly the most consumed fruit juices. More than half of the juices drunk are orange or apple juice. But multifruit juices are also very popular. Around this, you can also see many developments regarding new flavours.

For instance, more and more juices are made that contain exotic fruit or super fruit. Examples of exotic fruit include pomegranate, carambola or tamarillo. Examples of superfruits are figs, kiwis and lime.

As much as 20% of all fruit juices drunk are multi-fruit
juices so this is a development that should definitely not be underestimated.

Fresh versus long-life fruit juices

The biggest distinction around fruit juices is fresh juice versus long-life juice. Fresh fruit juice does not have a long
shelf life and must be kept refrigerated. This is in contrast to long-life juices.

Most fruit juices are made from a frui tconcentrate. First, the juice is squeezed from the fruit, removing fibres, peels and seeds. Then the water is removed from the juice for transport.

This concentrate is easier to transport. On site, the concentrate is replenished with water after which the juice is packed for consumption.

No sugars are then added to this fruit juice. Non-concentrated
fruit juice is transported frozen whereby the water is not removed from the juice.

A-brand fruit juices

A-brand fruit juices Frisdrank.com stocks all A-brand fruit juices. Be it Appelsientje or Goudappeltje. We can supply all common flavours directly from stock.

And are there fruit juices your customer is asking for but which we do not yet have in stock? That is where our extensive international network comes in handy.

Whatever your request, we will arrange it for you in the shortest possible time. Because we take a refreshing look at the market and do not think within the box

Reasonably priced fruit juices

The buying power of Frisdrank.com guarantees low prices. This gives you sufficient margin to make attractive offers on fruit juices from time to time. Moreover, you can buy all A-brand fruit juices at Frisdrank.com.

This way, you can source all products from one place and do not have to worry about the purchase price. In addition, Frisdrank.com
delivers lightning-fast from stock. Your order will be delivered to you within the shortest possible time.

And should you have a challenge, our customer service team will immediately get to work to solve your problems. We like to
think along with you and inform you about trends concerning fruit juices. You will notice this immediately when you
cooperate with Softdrink.com.

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