Lays is known worldwide for its unrivalled quality and exceptional flavours. It is therefore a favourite among consumers. With a versatile range, from classics such as Naturel and Paprika to innovative flavours, this global crisps brand offers something for everyone.

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Market leader Lays

Lays Chips is perhaps the most recognisable and popular snack brand in the world. Founder Herman Lay began selling chips from the boot of his car in the 1930s in the United States. These humble beginnings marked the start of a leading crisps brand.

The brand's success is firstly due to Herman Lay's innovative marketing strategy by selling directly to retailers rather than through wholesalers. This built strong relationships with retailers which contributed to the growth of the brand.

In 1961, the crisps brand merged with Frito's creating Frito-Lay. This merger significantly strengthened the position of both brands, allowing new flavours and variants to be launched on the market. Thus, this new group established itself as the leader in the snack industry.

Chips as inspiration

Lays wants to connect people through shared moments of pleasure. Lays therefore aims to offer a very wide range of flavours. Often, these flavours are inspired by regional cuisines and local preferences. This ensures that the brand is loved all over the world.

Lays has evolved from a small, local crisps brand to a global leader in the snack industry. Their greatest strength is the ability to adapt to people's preferences. This has led it to consistently win over new audiences.

Lays Chips flavours

Lays Chips offers a wide range of flavours. The most popular flavours are Natural, Paprika, Cheese & Onion, Barbecue, Sour Cream & Onion, and Salt & Vinegar. Besides these crisps best sellers, the global crisps brand also regularly introduces new flavours. Sometimes these are temporary but always inspired by regional cuisines and local taste preferences.

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