Oreo is a unique biscuit and has by now achieved true cult status. Not only are there many different kinds of biscuits from this brand, but creative home cooks are also enthusiastically working on all kinds of recipes around
this American biscuit with a delicious, white cream layer.

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Oreo biscuits

The Oreo brand has not been known in the Dutch market for very long, while it has existed in the US market for over a century. The biscuit brand was introduced in 1912 but it was not until the 1950s that it made the so famous chocolate biscuits with the soft, white cream interlayer.

The chocolate biscuits can be eaten in many ways but the most popular way seems to be 'twist, dip and lick'. By twisting the two biscuits apart, they can then be dipped in milk to then lick the cream (and milk) off them. A real treat for small and big kids alike.

Different flavours

In addition to the classic variant, the American biscuit brand also has several variations of chocolate biscuits. Think of the milk chocolate or white chocolate covered versions, double-filled versions, flavoured versions such as Java Chip Cookie, Carrot Cake Family or Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie, and of course the mini-Oreos.

For the real fans

The real fans obviously get very creative with Oreo. Besides the different flavours and varieties that are offered ready-made, the real home cook (but this is all the more true for professional cooks) can get creative with these chocolate biscuits. For example, (home) cooks make Oreo pie, Oreo cheesecake, Oreo cake, Oreo fudge, Oreo brownies, Oreo bonbons, Oreo cupcakes and many other Oreo desserts.

Oreo cheap shopping

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