Dagro Coffee

Dagro Coffee


The average Dutch person drinks about 250 litres of coffee a year. That amounts to about three cups a day. Because
we Dutch are such big coffee lovers, the selection is very diverse and varied. After all, not every coffee is the same and so many people, so many tastes.

In recent years, the quality of coffee has improved considerably, partly due to consumers becoming more discerning. Coffee should obviously not cost too much, but it should meet high quality standards. Dagro Coffee has capitalised on this trend by launching a high-quality coffee brand on the market that is reasonably priced.

Frisdrank.com has long ceased to be the distributor of soft drinks alone, but has expanded its range considerably in
recent years, including to coffee. Here too, Frisdrank.com offers a special range of A-brands and emerging brands
such as Dagro Coffee. With us, you buy this coffee cheaply, quickly and easily.

Different flavours of coffee

As one of the largest importers in the Netherlands, Dagro Coffee knows better than anyone else what good coffee should meet. Thanks to intensive contacts with coffee growers and roasters, Dagro Coffee was able to respond to customer demand: an affordable coffee with outstanding quality.

This Limburg coffee brand is therefore growing at breakneck speed, as both consumers and the hospitality industry are increasingly able to find it.

Three flavours of coffee

Dagro Coffee is offered in three classic flavours: Napoli, Milano and Roma. These coffee variants consist of fresh coffee beans so that a coffee drinker can enjoy freshly ground coffee to the fullest.

Dagro Milano is made from 100% arabica beans and is a mildly roasted coffee with a mild intensity. Dagro Napoli, on the other hand, is made from a blend of arabica and robusta coffee beans and is instead dark roasted, making it a fairly intense coffee. Dagro Roma is also made from a blend of arabica and robusta beans, but has a medium intensity due to the regular roasting method.

Freshly ground beans

Dagro Coffee has deliberately chosen to package only fresh beans as opposed to ground coffee. After all, it's all about the taste experience and that is simply best with freshly ground beans. In the hospitality industry, freshly ground beans are now the standard, but more and more consumers are also grinding beans themselves to achieve the best flavour.

Buy Dagro Coffee cheaply

Softdrinks.com is known for its advantageous prices. This is because we give our purchasing advantages directly to you, and also because of our European logistics network, we are able to buy coffee and soft drinks wherever it is cheapest every time.

You can also come to us for all your demand around soft drinks and coffee, among others. As mentioned, we offer a special range of A-brands and emerging brands, so you can always be sure of high volume products but offer something new to your customers every time. This also allows you to always capitalise on new trends so that you are one of the first players on the market to offer a new brand.

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