Even though Dutch drinking water is one of the best in the world, more and more pre-packaged water is sold and
drunk. Not only in the catering industry where a lot of spring and mineral water is served, but certainly also at home.

Softdrinks.com is one of the largest European suppliers of pre-packaged water. We offer this at advantageous prices as we can buy in bulk and negotiate substantial discounts. This benefits you as well.

All pre-packaged water is kept in stock so that we can deliver quickly. Our innovative logistics system guarantees fast delivery. You can adjust your stock seamlessly and rely on our expertise.

Spring water versus mineral water

The biggest distinction around pre-packaged water is mineral water versus spring water. Mineral water must contain a certain level of minerals and other constituents.

In addition, mineral water must also be bottled directly when it is
extracted from the ground. In this way, the so-called therapeutic value of mineral water is guaranteed. Spring water, on the other hand, may first be transported after which it is bottled.

Spring water may also be treated. It is often heated or aerated. On the other hand, mineral water may not be treated at all to retain its designation as mineral water.

A-brand water

Soft drinks.com stocks the common A-brands of water. There are several major spring water producers in the world such as Coca Cola Waters. Coca Cola Waters is the producer behind Chaudfontaine.

This is generally regarded as the best spring water. There are also well-known independent mineral water producers such as Spa and Bar-le-Duc. In addition to these brands, there are of course numerous smaller and emerging brands such as All Pure.

Carbonated water

A large proportion of pre-packaged water consumed contains carbonation. Sparkling water is extremely popular even though there are many myths about sparkling water. A 'Spa Red' is almost commonplace while Spa is far from being the only brand making carbonated water.

Almost all water producers also make sparkling water. San Pellegrino, for instance, is working hard. This brand has achieved enormous growth in recent years.

Economical water procurement

Through Frisdrank.com, you can buy pre-packaged water cheaply. Thanks to our extensive international network and great purchasing power, we can buy all water very cheaply. You will ultimately benefit from this.

This way, you have an attractive margin on water and are able to make very attractive water offers. This way, you are sure to attract
people to your location. This way, existing customers remain loyal to you and you are able to attract new customers.

Our customer service team will be happy to help you with your issues. We make the impossible possible. That is where we get our satisfaction. After all, we take a refreshing look at the market and do not think in boxes.

It is no coincidence that many wholesalers and distributors already trust our expertise in the field of water and other drinks

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