Anyone who has ever been to Italy has undoubtedly had a cup of Lavazza espresso. Especially if you have been near
Turin, where this coffee is the pride of the city. It is impossible to imagine Italian streets without Lavazza and this delicious Italian espresso is drunk all over the world.

Lavazza is a true Italian family-owned company and you can tell immediately by the taste. You taste the passion for
excellence that makes every cup of espresso a unique experience. is not only a leading player in soft drinks, but also in coffee you have come to the right place. Thanks to our smart way of purchasing, we are able to supply you with the drinks you need at low prices at lightning speed. Our product range is very extensive, enabling you to surprise your customers time and again.

Origin Lavazza

Luigi Lavazza started his the first coffee shop in Turin in 1895. He did a lot of research - including in Brazil - into the origins and characteristics of various coffee plants. He also studied the art of blending to achieve the perfect flavour.

Just after World War II, the basis of the current logo was designed with the central letter "A" being larger than the other letters. In addition, the first Lavazza can was also introduced to ensure flavour for as long as possible. Meanwhile, the fourth generation is working to put the brand even better on the map.

Sustainable projects

Lavazza is very committed to sustainability. For instance, Lavazza has successfully launched a project that has improved the living conditions of over 3,000 farmers in eight different countries. This has stimulated local economic growth, gradually raised farmers' living standards and introduced profitable farming techniques.

Intriguing flavours Lavazza

Lavazza has many types of coffee flavours. Lavazza Rossa, for instance, is a special blend composed of Brazilian Arabica and African Robusta coffee beans. It has a unique aroma with a full flavour that is rich and harmonious.

Lavazza Crema E Aroma is also a harmonious blend of specially selected Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Its creamy texture makes this Italian coffee ideal for a cappuccino, for example.

Lavazza Qualità Oro is another unique blend consisting of six variations of the finest Arabica beans from Latin America. Expertly blended, this blend is the perfect symphony for superior flavour.

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