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Royal Club is without doubt the soft drink for adults. Its special flavours such as tonic, bitter lemon and rose
lemonade are true classics that have been drunk since 1939. The soft drink brand stands for high quality with exciting flavours, which is why Royal Club is just a little more exciting than the rest. is a distinguished soft drinks supplier and we offer an interesting range of soft drinks with A-brands and emerging brands. This way, you surprise your customers every time. Of course, the refreshing and surprising Royal Club cannot be missing from our range and neither can yours.

At, you buy Royal Club at advantageous prices. Thanks to our economies of scale and innovative
logistics, we are able to negotiate low prices that we pass on to you. This gives you a surprising range with an
excellent margin so that you can also make extraordinary Royal Club offers.

The soft drink for adults

Introduced back in 1939, Royal Club is undoubtedly the soft drink for adults. It stands for high quality combined with exciting flavours. That's why this soft drink is just a little more exciting than regular drinks.

This exciting soft drink is best served chilled and combined with carbonated water, it is both surprising and refreshing. So, a drink that really belongs at

Besides carbonated water, Royal Club contains food acids for acidity and natural flavourings that give the drinks their distinctive taste.

Various flavours

The soft drink brand has several flavours. Perhaps the most famous is Royal Club tonic. Originally, tonic was drunk as a remedy for malaria but this sturdy bitter proved so refreshing that it is the perfect thirst quencher. It tastes even better with an ice cube and a slice of lemon.

The other well-known drink is Royal Club bitter lemon. The refreshing combination of lemon and quinine creates a nice slightly bitter aftertaste. Not for nothing has this thirst quencher been drunk since 1834. That alone makes it a true classic.

Finally, soft drink brand Royal Club offers Rose Lemonade which also gives a refreshing taste with a surprising twist. The drink contains a hint of natural rose extract which gives a smooth, subtle flavour combined with the refreshing of lemon.

Sugar-free soft drinks

Royal Club is now available with 0% sugar so a glass of Royal Club contains only 4 calories. The different flavours are available in 1-litre bottles or 0.25-litre cans. Just the right amount to quench your thirst.

The three different soft drinks are also great to mix as a healthy and non-alcoholic cocktail, or mocktail, such as Lemon & Melon, Lemongrass No-Llins or Minty Apple.

Royal Club bargain purchase is a distinguished distributor of soft drinks such as Royal Club. We take a refreshing look at the market and like to think outside the box. This enables us to offer you soft drinks at very low prices, which we deliver at lightning speed from our warehouse in the Netherlands.

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