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PURE GOLD is a new, premium energy drink that does things a little differently. You can tell from everything that PURE GOLD is not a garish brand, but everything exudes focus, maturity and calm. That is why this energy drink from the Netherlands is also accessible to a wide market and will soon be one of the key players in energy drinks.

But it's not just about appearance, of course. Above all, taste is important in a drink and this is no different with an
energy drink. PURE GOLD has a very drinkable and recognisable taste and an excellent aftertaste. Not for nothing does this energy drink come out best in various blind tests.

Therefore, this premium energy drink should not be missing from your range. You can buy PURE GOLD energy drink advantageously via Frisdrank.com. The innovative working method of this purchasing organisation ensures that you can always be sure of low prices. This way, you are left with an interesting margin and you can rest assured that we deliver at lightning speed from our stock in the Netherlands.

An adult energy drink

The PURE GOLD energy drink has an intense aroma and pleasant "tutti-frutti" taste. This makes this energy drink a lot more accessible than other energy drinks. And not to be neglected is the delicious aftertaste. Whereas some drinks sometimes leave a distinct aftertaste, this is by no means the case with PURE GOLD. It definitely tastes like more!

In addition, this Dutch energy drink also contains vitamins such as vitamin B2, B6 and B12. Therefore, this energy drink also makes a healthy contribution to your daily vitamin dose.

So with PURE GOLD, you leave a world of busyness and stress behind and can focus on the healthy energy in your body maturely and peacefully.

Durable cans

PURE GOLD is a premium energy drink and it shows in everything. Even the packaging has been taken care of down to the last detail. For instance, quality and durability were paramount in the production of the can. This is, of course, of the utmost importance to preserve the energy drink in the best possible way so that the intense taste is always guaranteed. And good for the environment, of course!

To achieve this, PURE GOLD works only with award-winning AAA producers to provide the packaging. Not surprisingly, the packaging meets the highest health, design and sustainability standards. An extremely responsible choice, in other words!

PURE GOLD purchasing with advantage

Frisdrank.com takes a refreshing look at the drinks market and has already become a leading player in energy drinks in a short time. This purchasing organisation buys (energy) drinks smartly and can therefore supply drinks such as PURE GOLD quickly and inexpensively from stock. This way, you also keep an excellent margin.

Fast delivery from stock

Frisdrank.com also adapts to your way of working. This way, you can keep your stocks as small as possible with the assurance that you will not run out of PURE GOLD. Softdrink.com's customer service is known for making the impossible possible and you will notice this immediately when working with us. You can therefore always rely on our smart logistics system.

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