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Planet Brownie

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With an ever-increasing variety of flavours, the brownie market has grown considerably in recent years. There are also more and more quality options that cater to the growing awareness around sustainability and ethics. Planet Brownie is one such new brand targeting the premium market with handmade brownies.

That is why Planet Brownie is an excellent addition to your range. You will immediately taste that they are handmade. These delicious brownies not only surprise the taste buds, but also do their bit for a better world.

At, we are proud to have been able to add Planet Brownie to our product range. We are also able to
offer these delicacy products cheaply where you can order from us with lightning speed and ease.

Handmade brownies

Planet Brownie's delicious square brownies not only pamper the taste buds, but also make the world a little nicer. Because at Planet Brownie, they believe in fun. That's why these brownies are handmade by the best artisans who take pleasure in their work.

In doing so, Planet Brownie uses hazelnut oil and natural ingredients of the highest quality. These are halal and kosher
certified, so anyone can always eat brownies, regardless of dietary preferences. However, the fun does not stop with the enjoyment of these brownies. It extends to the entire planet including animals, artisans and nature.

Fair enjoyment of brownies

On our planet, we strive for fairness and justice and this is also the foundation of the company. At Planet Brownie, everyone benefits from success. After all, it is a magical place where equality is a top priority. For every pack sold, 10 eurocents goes to the Planet Brownie Foundation.

In doing so, Planet Brownie believes in complete transparency. They show exactly where the product is made, how it is produced, where the ingredients come from, and who benefits from it.

A better world

Planet Brownie's success acts as fuel for the whole world. After all, the world becomes a better place when everyone does their bit. Planet Brownie's proceeds are shared with a charity that shares the same values and also wants to contribute to a better world. The combination of enthusiastic people with an honest attitude creates the unique flavour of a world everyone can believe in.

Planet Brownie cheap shopping

Thanks to our purchasing advantage, we can offer this brownie brand to you inexpensively. This way, you can complement your range with a fun, new brand and also keep an interesting margin.

At, we deliver directly from stock from our warehouse in the Netherlands so we can always deliver Planet Brownie very quickly. We seamlessly connect our deliveries to your logistical preferences so that you never run out of products. Moreover, our customer service is always ready to answer your questions. We ensure that you can excel!

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