Stirr Hard SeLTzer


STIRR is a new hard seltzer from Dutch soil, a refreshing light-alcoholic drink based on distilled flavours. This summer drink is made from fruit-flavoured sparkling water and distilled in the Schiedam kettles of Onder de Boompjes. All this makes for an unbeatable taste experience.

Not only is STIRR tasty and refreshing, it also fits into a healthy lifestyle. It contains only 5% alcohol and only natural sugars, yet a can of STIRR contains only 70 calories. Therefore, STIRR is perfect for socialising, healthier living, performance, adventure and, of course, staying close to yourself.

STIRR is the perfect hard seltzer to completely unwind. This light-alcoholic drink should definitely not be missing from your range. You can buy STIRR advantageously through Thanks to our innovative way of working, we can offer you very low prices, ensuring you an excellent margin. Moreover, we always deliver at lightning speed from our stock in the Netherlands.

Fresh hard seltzer

More and more hard seltzers are being launched around the world. However, STIRR's flavours are special and come straight from Schiedam kettles. These drinks contain only 5% alcohol, making it perfect for a moderate drinker at social events.

A big advantage of STIRR is that it contains no artificial additives such as flavourings. Only natural sugars are added and the alcoholic drink contains no gluten. Therefore, it is an easy drink that is excellent to drink without worrying about one thing or another.

And then, to a large extent, we are also talking about calories. A 25-cl can of STIRR contains only 70 kcal. That's why it's a healthy alternative to other alcoholic drinks and it's nice and refreshing too. Not for nothing is it the perfect refresher for the moment for yourself or during a social event.

Refreshing flavours

STIRR is offered in three surprising flavours: Taste the Indian Summer, Take a Sip of the Forbidden Fruits and Step Into a Sparkling Asian Oasis.

Taste the Indian Summer has a combination of orange and cardamom. Refreshing and fruity, yet also nicely spicy.
Take a Sip of the Forbidden Fruits has a surprising flavour combination of raspberry and apple. The combination of sweet and sour really hits the taste buds. Step Into a Sparkling Asian Oasis is also a taste sensation thanks to the combination of lime and jasmine.

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